Monday, February 1, 2010

Coty Splichal- Gothic Collection

My latest Flickr find is designer Coty Splichal. Based in Florida, designing is both her profession, and her hobby.

This collection is inspired by Korean, Chinese, and gothic fashions. While being clearly Asian inspired, they remain a hybrid of both traditional "goth" and traditional Asian motiffes, rather than just recreating the gothic lolita or Harajuku styles.

The next two designs are some of my favorites. They combine wearability with art.

This one is an amazing mix of pinstripes, brocade, patchwork, and lace. The patchwork flowers seem to be growing right out of the brocade.

The next one is similar in style, but definitely the brighter piece of this collection.

The next piece serves as a transition from the contemporary elements of the previous two, to a more traditional style:

It's a gorgeous mix of what, I believe, is a hand-dyed gradient gauze and layers of tulle and fish-netting. And the black blossom detail is amazing!

This next one takes on a more traiditional Asian style, but remains equally mysterious.
The shrug is made of ripped gauze and trimmed with pinstriping. The skirt is a ghostly white-to-grey gauze, layered over shimmering white tulle and black and white pinstriping.

The yellow hair beads add an unexpected piece of color to the ensemble.

Photographer: Tiffany Steinke MUA: Amy Farma Original Clothing: Coty Splichal Hair: Coty Splichal


  1. :O means: "Oh my gosh i love all of these oufits and how perfect would goth asian be for me, the gauzey material and the flowers and the red and black are so gorgeous!"

  2. dude i was totally feeling you on the hair and make too! i liked the bangs and the falsies that one chick has on but thats about it.

  3. Thank you so much for the coverage on my designs. Directly from the person that stayed up many hours sewing these designs, it is great to see that someone else likes them. The clothing, hair, and make-up are inspired by traditional Korean costume- and are very specific to that style. Thank you!

  4. Hey, I'm really you stumbled across this! Because I looove love love this collection! As an artist and crafty person, I love getting feedback from people, so I feel it's important to give feedback to people when I admire/appreciate what they've done. I mean no offense with any of my jerk comments here- bad week I guess, or I'm just a jerk lol. Seriously, I love the collection!

  5. I know right?! The pieces are pretty as a whole, but I feel it's important to really study each outfit, to appreciate the details. And not just the "obvious" details, but the fabric textures, the way the different textures or patterns interact with one another. Really look at the composition of something and you will realize things are more beautiful than you thought they were (good example for me are these dresses)

    I like the chick with the bangs